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  5. NSSL winner: iznobest! — June 8, 2012

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NSSL-TV Season B finale!

Ladies and gents: the season finale of NSSL-TV season B is here! The final games from group phase B have now been cast, which means that ALL GAMES IN THE TOURNAMENT have been casted. That’s well over 60 hours of content – friggin’ amazing. The final games to go live are Hippypower vs. Night (group …

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NSSL to appear on Campus on Air

Next week Tuesday’s broadcast of Campus on Air will feature yours truly as a guest! Nijmegen’s own student radio show hosts love the idea of the NSSL and invited me over to talk about the tournament and the finals. So make sure to tune in! In other news: you might have seen the poster for …

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Webcasts group phase B

You didn’t think that we’d forget about casting those last games from the group phases, did you? We’re still working on it! Recently some new games have gone live, some of which featuring players that are still in the tournament. Definitely worth the watch! RmF casted Olts vs. Hoodoo (group 8 ), and Thom casted …

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Promote the finals! Thank you Redditors!

Yesterday was awesome! Not only did we get to see (and play) some quarter finals but promotion for the finals kicked off like nothing’s been kicked before. Yesterday morning I posted about the NSSL finals on Reddit, and within hours got hundreds of upvotes. In fact, during most of yesterday the post was at the …

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Tonight @20h: QUARTER FINALS!

A quick reminder to let you all know that TONIGHT the very first quarter finals will be played! Never have the stakes been higher: whoever wins tonight goes on to the semi-finals which will be played in front of a roaring crowd on June 7th! So make sure to tune in for VanCaspel vs. iznobest …

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Broadcast schedule quarter finals

The broadcast schedule for the quarter finals is now online! Check the table below for all the info – and write down the dates right away. The first two matches will be played tomorrow already. Make sure to tune in to at 20:00h for VanCaspel vs. iznobest, followed at 21:00h by Soul vs. Bblack.

Tonight @20h: Neretic vs. Metic & Patjuh vs. Bahamuth!

Get ready for the last two games in the RO16! Tonight Neretic faces off against Metic, and Patjuh will clash with Bahamuth to see who will get the last two spots in the quarter finals! As usual: tune in to at 20h, that’s when the matches will start. Your casters for tonight will be …

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Bonus content: Games from the Lab!

I have some very special content for y’all today! As you know, scientists from the Radboud University are investigating positive effects of gaming, and as part of the research they invite people over to play a ladder game in the lab, while measuring their heart rate. Some of the NSSL-participants have already played in the …

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Tonight @20h: Recoome vs. VanCaspel & Night vs. Soul!

Tonight at 20h the fifth and sixth matches from the RO16 will be broadcasted LIVE at! Rannasha and Draco will be your hosts, casting Recoome vs. VanCaspel (who’s nervous already) at 20h, and Night vs. Soul at 21h. Make sure to tune in – it’s always really ‘gezellig’ in the chat 🙂 If you …

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Tonight @ 20:00h: RO 16! Fububu, Hoodoo, Finkers & Bblack!

Ready for round two of the RO16-matches? Tonight at 20:00h Fububu and Hoodoo battle it out for a spot in the RO8, followed by Bblack vs. Finkers at 21:00h. Make sure to tune in at! And tell your friends! If you want to know more about tonight’s players, click the button to keep reading …

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