Bonus content: Games from the Lab!

I have some very special content for y’all today! As you know, scientists from the Radboud University are investigating positive effects of gaming, and as part of the research they invite people over to play a ladder game in the lab, while measuring their heart rate. Some of the NSSL-participants have already played in the lab, resulting in some awesome games. Two of those have now been casted by Rannasha with co-caster Adam the Scientist! Check out the casts if you want to know more about the research and see wicked ladder action!

And importantly: the researchers are still looking for a lot more players to come play a ladder match. If you play StarCraft and live near Nijmegen please contact them at sc2study@gmail.com or check out the StarCraft & Science-page. There will be a give-away of cool prizes to the participants!

The first game is from Patjuh, who will be playing his RO16-match this Friday:

The second game is from Hoodoo, who was eliminated by Fububu last Tuesday:



  1. Rene

    The problem is that prizes are given away randomly – i mean who wants do do something for a chance to get something?

  2. Iznobest

    well im not doing it for the prizes at least, im doing it for the fun and helping a scientist in his work

    1. Frank

      And that’s the best reason for doing it! I’ll be in the NL next week and will also be coming in. I’m curious about my heart rate!

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