Deadline approaching: start playin’ them games!

Hello everybody, Draco from the NSSL here and I would like to take a minute of your time to remind you that the first group stage is already halfway. Yet games-wise, we’re not even close to a quarter, with some groups having a 100% slacker-density that are without even a single drop of blood.

Now I am aware that students are pure slackers by nature, and are experts at delaying to the last possible moment to turn something in. And, of course, that immersing yourself in beer certainly has it’s benefits compared to getting another slacker to spend a good hour of time being slapped around the Tal’darim Altar, but we’re still in a tournament.

So, I’d like to invite you all to get your group together and start pinning down some dates, after all, if we don’t get to see your crazy colossus drops or mass raven doom army, we can’t cast them or add them to the crazyness-montage before the first group stage comes to it’s conclusion.

Grab your keyboard and mouse, grab a drink, hit your groupmates over the head with your teddybear, and go for the glory!