End of phase A: Anthem of Awesomeness

Hello, hello to all you lovely people of the NSSL, this is Draco with another shot of infotainment!

The first group stage has now ended, and although not all games have been played, we most definitely have seen some fun, fun games out of you all 🙂 Nobody will forget the epic triple nukes that will become the highlight of the NSSL Pimpest Play Complilation.

Speaking of which, while I have sat through quite the amount of replays, I’m only a human being that will eventually fall pray to the evil that is a sleep-cycle. So I need your help in picking out the best, most epic, truly mind-melting, chocolate-sprinkled, gold-cladded-with-a-cherry-on-top plays from our first group stage to fuse it all together into an anthem of awesome. With the pimpest of plays getting a spotlight at the finals, now how’s THAT for leaving an impact. Send your entries to content@nssl.nl!

To all the people who managed to qualify for the next group-stage, well done and good luck, I’m looking forward to seeing great plays, good manner and maybe even having interviews with interesting players of this fun little tournament 🙂

To all the people who unfortunately didn’t make it, I hope you managed to have some great fun or managed to get your special moment to happen, you’re all still very much welcome at the finals, and maybe you even get to punch the face of that bastard that cannon rushed you 😛
Dust off your mouse, start practicing that blink micro, prepare your drinks and popcorn, because NSSL Group Stage B is coming soon!