Looking back & looking ahead – new write-up!

Hello again all you wonderful, wonderful people, Draco’s back with another plate of letter-spagetti. This time we’ll be having a retrospect of group phase B of the NSSL. And what a phase it was. With a slacker-density considerably lower than in group phase A, and the overall level of the players having risen a league or two, things got a hell of a lot more exciting. With still some people managing to squash their way through their unfortunate opponents, other groups had tense climaxes, where the difference between being knocked out and going on was only 1 game, but more on that further down below.

Group phase B also got the NSSL-crew in better shape, with the casters getting in better shape and more experienced (for most of us, this was actually our first time casting) and the website it’s managing got more streamlined. All and all, it’s safe to say the finals are going to be nothing short of a total blast and every single one of us is definitely looking forward to it. After all, what’s not to like about getting together, playing and watching an amazing game, having drinks, talks, interviews, video’s and all that good stuff having been put together by people that put all that time and effort into it, all for the love of the game.

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BUT! we’re not there yet, there’s still the round of 16 to be played, and boy oh boy does it look promising. Where some players managed to cruise their way through another group phase, others had to scratch and claw for every last game that could be the difference between advancement and defeat. With a promising round of 16 on the horizon, let’s indulge in the best way to prepare for the future, by looking back at how we got to where we are now.

Group stage B, the groups

– Group 1:Thoms, DruidzPatjuh, kkDash, FsX
With Thoms, DruidzPatjuh and kkDash all going undefeated in the first group stage, it looked like FsX was in for a world of hurt, though he actually managed to 2-0 poor kkDash who, unfortunately, got his scores from phase A reversed. In the end, first and second place were to be divided by DruidzPatjuh and Thoms, with the game between the two being the deciding factor, ending in the only 2-1 of the group, ending in the favor of DruidzPatjuh, whom is still undefeated.

– Group 2: PoesMiAUW, Fububu, Duke, metic
This group also had it’s share of undefeated players, being metic and Fububu, though they only went 2-0 in the first group, being the victim of the higher slacker-density. Yet this pair went on to dominate the group 2-0’ing poor Duke and PoesMiAUW (whom at least has the best name of this phase 🙂 ), and the only 2-1 being reserved for the deciding match between Fububu and metic, putting the winning Fububu on the number 1 spot in group 2, continuing his undefeated streak.

– Group 3: Recoome, SHAM, sunZor, Markovian
While some people were whitewashed in the first two groups, group 3 was a little more balanced, with each player managing to win at least one best of 3. SunZor and Recoome managed to take a decisive second best of 3, putting them through to the knockout phase.

– Group 4: Andre, Neretic, OfWelDan, musashi
This group unfortunately had a slacker in OfWelDan. Neretic, after only dropping one best of 3 to the undefeated Night in group phase A went undefeated this time around, beating both Andre and mushashi 2-0, leaving them to decide among themselves who could join him in the knockout phase, a chance Andre took with both hands, beating mushashi 2-0 as well.

– Group 5: VanCaspel, Night, Hippypower, Pentabram
A group with a little more special sauce than the others, with a lucky bronze player in Hippypower and none other than our very own organizing mastermind, VanCaspel. Where poor poor Hippypower getting 2-0’d to no end, the rest of the players were much, much closer, with the difference between number 1 to 2 and 2 to 3 only being 1 single game. VanCaspel being the lucky one to end up number one and Pentabram being the unlucky one getting knocked out, only a single game behind.

– Group 6: Zoran, Bblack, iznobest, RindKind
Coming from a clean sweep in the first group phase, iznobest was a clear favorite this group, leaving the others to duke it out for the second place, and Bblack rose to the challenge, getting 2-0’s of his own in his other matches, securing himself a place in the coming knockout-phase.

– Group 7: Phanteks, Bahamuth, Dreavious, Soul
Now this was an exciting group, where poor Dreavious was the unlucky sad panda to be placed with three quite high-caliber players, with Phanteks being undefeated and Soul only dropping to the dominant DruidzPatjuh, and even then only after taking a game off him, being the only one to do so until Thoms did so in phase B. The conclusion only came after the very last game, where Bahamut pulled quite a rabbit out of his hat and beat Soul 2-1, putting Bahamut only JUST ahead of the Terran-with-flair Phanteks, whom will have to do with his entries in the pimpest-play competition

– Group 8: Hoodoo, Finkers, R.Ray, Olts
The other group being unlucky enough to have a slacker, though that didn’t stop Finkers from continuing his undefeated streak and Hoodoo winning the battle for second place, giving us the 16th and final player to give us a nice and full bracket to look forward to in the coming knockout phase.

So you might be thinking now “Who are these people?”, don’t fear, we got you covered 🙂 With the brackets getting more personal, we decided to do the same and got down to ask each of our final 16 contestants some questions about them and StarCraft, and though some still need a slap on the behind to do it, others were more than happy to share something about themselves, all of which you’ll be able to read the coming weeks, so keep an eye on our little site.

That’s it for now, I’d like to thank our sponsors, our players and of course Frank VanCaspel for organizing this whole thing, and to remind you to keep an eye on the site for the rounds of 16 and 8, which will be casted LIVE over the coming weeks.

And, lest we forget, to all the players still going at it for a chance to play at the finals: good luck, and have fun!