Tonight @ 20:00h: RO 16! Fububu, Hoodoo, Finkers & Bblack!

Ready for round two of the RO16-matches? Tonight at 20:00h Fububu and Hoodoo battle it out for a spot in the RO8, followed by Bblack vs. Finkers at 21:00h. Make sure to tune in at! And tell your friends!

If you want to know more about tonight’s players, click the button to keep reading 🙂

Update: The matches have been played! They were a very enjoyable set of matches to watch indeed – check the Schedule & Results page if you want to see who won :). The whole live broadcast can be re-watched at, and VODs of the games will also go up on Youtube. See you tomorrow for more games!

Update 2: VODs on Youtube are now up! Fububu vs. Hoodoo: game 1, game 2, game 3. Finkers vs. Bblack: game 1, game 2 (part 1, part 2), game 3.

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Webcasts from Group Phase B & RO16

New webcasts are live! We’ve new games from group phase B for your enjoyment:

  • Musashi vs. Neretic (group 4 – casted by RmF)
  • sunZor vs. Recoome (group 3 – casted by RmF)
  • Dreavious vs. Bahamuth (group 7 – casted by RmF & Frank)
  • Bblack vs. Zoran (group 6 –  casted by Rannasha)

And the VODs from yesterday’s live cast (by Frank & Albert) from the RO16 are also online!

Click the button to see links to the games from the group stage.

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Tonight @ 20:00h: RO 16! Meet Andre, iznobest & sunZor!

Tonight at 20:00h the first matches from the round of 16 will be broadcasted LIVE on – TUNE IN! And tell your friends! It will be much cooler than MLG anyway :).

At 20:00h sunZor vs. Thoms will go at it, and at 21:00h it’s iznobest vs. Andre! We’d like to tell you a bit more about these players, who have been rather anonimous during the tournament so far. And how better to do that than by letting the players tell you themselves? That’s why Draco has sent out interview questions over the past few days – click the button to read the players’ answers and find out more about who will be going head to head tonight for a place in the round of 8!

UPDATE: The matches have just been played! Lots of people tuned in, and if you missed it the VODs can be found on I’ll also upload the matches to Youtube later and put links to them on the results-page.

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Complete match/broadcast schedule for RO16!

All of the matches of the RO16 have been planned in! Whip out those agenda’s and write down:

Date Time Match Casters
Sunday May 20th 20:00h Thoms vs. sunZor Frank & Albert
21:00h iznobest vs. Andre Frank & Albert
Tuesday May 22nd 20:00h Fububu vs. Hoodoo Frank & Draco
21:00h Finkers vs. Bblack Frank & Draco
Wednesday May 23rd 20:00h VanCaspel vs. Recoome Rannasha & TBA
21:00h Soul vs. Night Rannasha & TBA
Friday May 25th 20:00h Neretic vs. Metic Frank & TBA
21:00h DruidzPatjuh vs. Bahamuth Frank & TBA

All of these matches will be broadcasted LIVE at – make sure to tune in! It’s going to be a lot of fun 🙂 Check out the schedule & results-page for details about the match-ups.

First matches RO 16 scheduled! + webcasts

The first definitive scheduling for the RO 16 is in: on Wednesday May 23rd VanCaspel vs. Recoome will be played at 20:00h and right after that, at 21:00h, Soul and Night will go head to head for a spot in the RO 8! The matches will be casted LIVE by Rannasha (with a co-caster) and can be seen on Make sure to TUNE IN everyone!

More match dates will be announced soon. In fact: make sure to keep this Sunday night available, as well as Tuesday the 22nd. As soon as I’ve gotten confirmation from all the players I’ll post the details. Starting from tomorrow, interviews with the players will be posted on the website too, so keep an eye out for that.

Lastly: some webcasts from group phase B have gone live. Frank & RmF casted metic vs. PoesMiAUW and Frank & Albert looked at some riveting matches between Patjuh & Thoms and metic & Fububu. All of these games are highly recommended! WATCH THEM!

– DruidzPatjuh vs. Thoms

Game 2
Game 3

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Looking back & looking ahead – new write-up!

Hello again all you wonderful, wonderful people, Draco’s back with another plate of letter-spagetti. This time we’ll be having a retrospect of group phase B of the NSSL. And what a phase it was. With a slacker-density considerably lower than in group phase A, and the overall level of the players having risen a league or two, things got a hell of a lot more exciting. With still some people managing to squash their way through their unfortunate opponents, other groups had tense climaxes, where the difference between being knocked out and going on was only 1 game, but more on that further down below.

Group phase B also got the NSSL-crew in better shape, with the casters getting in better shape and more experienced (for most of us, this was actually our first time casting) and the website it’s managing got more streamlined. All and all, it’s safe to say the finals are going to be nothing short of a total blast and every single one of us is definitely looking forward to it. After all, what’s not to like about getting together, playing and watching an amazing game, having drinks, talks, interviews, video’s and all that good stuff having been put together by people that put all that time and effort into it, all for the love of the game.

Click the button to read on!

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The RO 16 has started!

This morning the single elimination bracket was determined – see below for a video of the draw. Now it’s gettin’ serious! Keep a close eye on the website in the coming days, I’ll post the schedule for the live broadcasts of the matches & interviews with the players.

Who will you root for? Let me know in the comments!


LIVE RO16 draw tomorrow @ 11:00h!

Heads up! Tomorrow at 11:00h the draw for the brackets will be broadcasted LIVE at Make sure to check it out!

All the info will be on the site afterwards, in case you missed it. Also: in the coming days interviews with all of the players from the RO16 will be posted – y’all need to know who to root for!

Trailer for Starcraft Study up!

Our researcher friends are still looking for you to join them. Sign up to play a Ladder Match and get a chance to win cool prizes. Weekend sign-ups now possible! Send an e-mail to or check the StarCraft & Science-page! Participating is real easy: just show up and play a match!

Take a quick sneak peek into their game room right here:

Group phase B ends tomorrow!

Group phase B ends tomorrow! The deadline for sending in the results of the remaining 11 matches is 23:59h tomorrow night. Who will get the remaining 5 spots in the round-of-16? Keep an eye on the results-page to find out!

On Wednesday the brackets are drawn LIVE – I’ll announce the exact time as soon as possible. The 8 players that came in first in their group have earned the privilige of not having to play each other in the RO16, so during the draw they are randomly matched against the 8 players who came in second in their group.

The full schedule for the RO16 & RO8-matches will be published as soon as possible, we’ll try to cast all of them LIVE! In the meanwhile: stay tuned for webcasts from group stage B, we’re working on casting all of the matches.


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