Pre-tourney write-up

Ladies and gentlemen, I bid you welcome to the Nijmegen Student Starcraft League! My name is Draco, and over the coming weeks, I hope to keep you informed and entertained about all the crazy happenings in the tournament. If you want to help out providing content you can reach me at content@nssl.nl.

From tonight, April 2nd 0:00 hours, to the exciting finale on June the 7th in the wonderful city of Nijmegen, 72 students, ranging from humble bronze to proud masters, will duke it out online for the chance to play in the finals. These final rounds will be played live on stage, in front of their peers and masters, with the honor and glory of the championship up for grabs.

But more than that, every contestant will walk away with the experience of having competed in a fun and open tournament, and no matter who wins or loses, we’re going to have a great time playing this great game. After all, what is a game if you can’t have any fun?

The crew is ready, I am ready and I hope all players are ready to go online and give it their all. I’m looking forward to some great games and seeing each and every one of you at the finals 🙂

As a final word, I would like to thank the wonderful sponsors for the event: Cooler Master, MSI, Computerland, Gator Film & Game Merchandise and Flyert.nl. Thank you, you’re all helping eSports.

Good Luck and Have Fun!


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  1. Patrick 'Patjuh' van Ankum

    Sounds awesome, looking forward to the upcoming months! ^^

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