Promote the finals! Thank you Redditors!

Yesterday was awesome! Not only did we get to see (and play) some quarter finals but promotion for the finals kicked off like nothing’s been kicked before. Yesterday morning I posted about the NSSL finals on Reddit, and within hours got hundreds of upvotes. In fact, during most of yesterday the post was at the #1 spot of /r/StarCraft, and currently it has the most upvotes overall (1500+ people upvoted it). Stunning – truly stunning! Even Sundance DiGiovanni (captain of MLG) tweeted about us, to a whopping 50.000+ followers.

Because of all this the website had hundreds of views yesterday, and about 15 new people are have subscribed to the event on Facebook. Have you done that yet? I’ve sent an e-mail to all of the tournament participants asking them for help in promoting the finals. Because what would be more fun than having a roaring crowd there? Anything you can do to pursuade people to come is most welcome, because there’s room for 200+ people – and we’re not there yet. Yeej for e-sports fun!