Tonight @20h: QUARTER FINALS!

Jetzt geht’s los! Tonight the second and last set of quarter finals will be played and broadcasted LIVE to Twitch.tv/NSSLeague. At 20h Fububu will play DruidzPatjuh, followed at 21h by Neretic vs. Thoms. Who will be the last two players to qualify for the semi-finals? Which two players will we get to see live on June 7th? Tune in tonight to find out!

BONUS: Albert & I have just casted a ‘Game from the Lab’ featuring one of tonights’ quarter finalists: Fububu! Check the game out right here, and if you’d like to play in the lab too (and get a chance to win awesome prizes!) go to the StarCraft & Science-page.

UPDATE: The games have been played – and they are definitely worth watching! If you missed the broadcast, you can re-watch the whole thing right here. VODs will be up soon, and check out the Schedule & Results-page to see the results and find out which players will be playing LIVE this Thursday!

UPDATE 2: VODs of the games are now up on Youtube. Hell yeah! Fububu vs. DruidzPatjuh: game 1, game 2, game 3. Neretic vs. Thoms: game 1, game 2, game 3 part 1 & part 2.

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  1. Adam

    Sucks that I missed these games live! See y’all @ the finals!

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