Congratulations to Bblack for taking 3rd place!

The 3rd place match has just been concluded! It started off at 2-1 in favour of Bblack, but right after a very quick first game the score was tied at 2-2. Whatever happened in the ace match I will leave to you to find out, because the VOD’s will be going up momentarily – but in the end Bblack took the win and places third in the NSSL! He’ll get a nice gaming mouse from CM Storm for his efforts. The replays have already been uploaded, you can find them at the results-page.

Also a very hearty ‘wp’ to Neretic, who valiantly secured a respectable fourth place. He’ll receive a season ticket to enjoy many hours of high-level gameplay from Korea with Tasteless & Artosis 🙂

Photo’s from the finals!

It took me a while to post them (mea culpa), but here’s some awesome photo’s from the finals event! Thank you Hylke for making them. And thanks also to Job Fermie who posted his pictures of the event here – they’re all really cool!

Check this intense crowd :). Click the button to see loads more!

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3rd place match: Saturday 23rd @ 21:00

The NSSL still isn’t over! Due to time constraints at the finals we had to cut the 3rd place match between Neretic and Bblack short – leaving the score at 2-1 for Neretic in the best-of-five series. Next Saturday, the 23rd of June, at 21h in the evening the match will be concluded! As you’ve come to expect the game(s) will be casted LIVE and commentated by Frank & Albert. Tune in at


VODs & replays from the finals online!

Check out the results-page to see links to VODs from all the games from the finals, as well as all of the replays! I’m sorry about the sound quality of the VODs, that’s definitely something to be improved for next time.

Also on Youtube are my opening words & Adam’s presentation on the science of gaming:

Keep checking the website, because in the next few days there will be news posts with awesome photo’s and the date on which the 3rd place match between Neretic & Bblack will be concluded!


NSSL winner: iznobest!

Tonight was absolutely awesome. Thanks to the nearly 100 people who showed up the finals were teeming with enhousiasm – great games & great crowd.

In the end there can be but one winner – congratulations to iznobest! In a breathtaking TvT finals he managed to take down Fububu 3-2 – we couldn’t have hoped for better games. The 3rd place has not yet been decided, because we had to postpone the match between Bblack and Neretic due to time constraints. Their best of five is currently at 2-1 in favor of Bblack, and will be continued (and streamed live!) in the near future.

Stay tuned for info on that and photo’s & video’s of tonight’s event! The whole broadcast can be viewed at in case you missed it.

Now to get a good night’s sleep :).

Tonight’s match schedule!

Tonight it hits the fan! Battle of the titans in the NSSL finals – be there or be all kinds of square! The programme starts at 19u, make sure to be there for the start for an awesome presentation from the Gaming Research Team. The match schedule for tonight is as follows:

19:30 Fububu (T) vs. Neretic (P)
20:45 iznobest (T) vs. Bblack (Z)
22:15 3rd-place match
23:30 Grand finals!

 There will be lots to see and do in between the games, and of course the CultuurcafĂ© is just outside the room, in case you’d like some refreshments :).

See you all tonight!


Afterparty tomorrow at Absolute Zero!

Good news everyone! Right after the finals are done tomorrow there’ll be an afterparty in the city center at Absolute Zero! There you’ll have the opportunity to re-watch the pimpest-play compilation and some of the games, while listening to your favorite StarCraft Classics and drinking the ‘Jim Raynor shot’ :). I’ll see you all there!

Tonight on Campus on Air: NSSL!

Don’t forget: tonight I’ll be on Campus on Air talking about the NSSL! The broadcast starts at 20h, and I’ll be live around 20:40h. Tune in!

UPDATE: In case you’ve missed the broadcast, you can now listen to it in the Campus on Air archives!

Trip down memory lane – the playoffs!

Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy this last write-up before the exciting finals! From the humble start in the group-phases, all the way to the live-streamed and live-casted games in the knockout phase, the NSSL really grew from the one-man labour of love to becoming a fully realized happening. And we couldn’t have done it without you, the players and viewers.

So before we go and get hyped for the finals, I’m going to take you on a little trip down memory lane and pay tribute to the players that unfortunately didn’t make it, and to the great matches we got to see unfolding right before our eyes on the stream.

The round of 16
The round of 16 was where it all got serious. While in the group phases people were sometimes practically guaranteed to advance based on their respective leagues, the round of 16 was the place where every match would count, and mistakes would cost you the game or even the series. So the player base was getting quite effectively filtered to leave only the best of the best standing. Even so, the results were quite surprising, with each and every series having been decided after only 2 games, ‘though most games weren’t one-sided in the least.
Speaking of surprises, it would be a shame to talk about the round of 16 without mentioning Albert’s amazing rap that had the audience falling out of their chairs.

The round of 8
And now things were really starting to heat up, because anyone that would manage to take the win here would be playing in the finals in front of a live crowd and have a shot at those amazing prizes. And the 2-0 curse was finally broken this round, with VanCaspel and Thoms not going down without a fight and their opponents needing a final 3rd game to secure their victory. And you could really tell the stakes were getting higher and higher, with players like DruidzPatjuh, Thoms and Soul that were so dominant in the earlier phases of the tournament being knocked quite convincingly by their opponents, leaving only the very best standing for the finals.

So make sure to come and to invite your friends! It will be awesome, we promise :).

Preparations for the finals

Workin’ hard on making sure that everything is ready for the finals! The PC’s from Computerland and Cooler Master have been delivered at my home address, and I’m trying to ‘precreate’ the situation for the finals just to see if everything will work as needed. Tough job, I can tell you that! This technical plan I made definitely needs revising on multiple fronts…

The MSI motherboard has also arrived, just like the shirts for the NSSL Admins sponsored by Cooler Master.

In the meanwhile Albert is busy working on a compilation of awesome plays, and Draco is preparing for the player interviews 🙂 And ‘Campus in Beeld’ will also come to the finals with a camera crew – so make sure to look your best! And have you all been doing your job too? Get the word out and help us fill that room to the brim!



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