4 days left! NSSL online mentions!

Just four days left until the sign-ups close! Are you all practising your cannon rushes and 6-pools? Or even your Destiny Cloud Fist builds? In between your hard work, please spend some time spreading the word about the NSSL – let’s reach for the stars! Plato told us to!

Forceparty.com, for example, is really helping us out by posting a news item about the NSSL on their front page. Forceparty is an awesome recurring LAN-party event very close to Nijmegen, check them out! We’re also mentioned in the Radboud University agenda and – of course – on Radboudnet.

You can also contribute by joining the discussion about the NSSL on TeamLiquid, Gathering of Tweakers or Gamer.nl, and by spreading the word on Facebook and Twitter. NSSL fighting!