NSSL winner: iznobest!

Tonight was absolutely awesome. Thanks to the nearly 100 people who showed up the finals were teeming with enhousiasm – great games & great crowd.

In the end there can be but one winner – congratulations to iznobest! In a breathtaking TvT finals he managed to take down Fububu 3-2 – we couldn’t have hoped for better games. The 3rd place has not yet been decided, because we had to postpone the match between Bblack and Neretic due to time constraints. Their best of five is currently at 2-1 in favor of Bblack, and will be continued (and streamed live!) in the near future.

Stay tuned for info on that and photo’s & video’s of tonight’s event! The whole broadcast can be viewed at Twitch.tv/NSSLeague in case you missed it.

Now to get a good night’s sleep :).