Preparations for the finals

Workin’ hard on making sure that everything is ready for the finals! The PC’s from Computerland and Cooler Master have been delivered at my home address, and I’m trying to ‘precreate’ the situation for the finals just to see if everything will work as needed. Tough job, I can tell you that! This technical plan I made definitely needs revising on multiple fronts…

The MSI motherboard has also arrived, just like the shirts for the NSSL Admins sponsored by Cooler Master.

In the meanwhile Albert is busy working on a compilation of awesome plays, and Draco is preparing for the player interviews 🙂 And ‘Campus in Beeld’ will also come to the finals with a camera crew – so make sure to look your best! And have you all been doing your job too? Get the word out and help us fill that room to the brim!