Curious about the awesome guys casting so many matches? Read on as some of the casters introduce themselves!

If you feel like casting a few games yourself, send an e-mail to

Besides casting NSSL, I play Terran in the Diamond League. In real life, I’m a PhD student at the Dutch institute for mathematics and computer science (CWI) and my background in mathematics reflects my interests in the game: The cerebral rather than the mechanical. In my casts, I try to analyze features of the map and matchup as well as make predictions on the upcoming decisions of the players so that the viewers can gain an insight into the depth of strategy that is part of Starcraft 2.

That’s me! I’m basically running the NSSL, and I really enjoy casting the odd game now and then. In particular with a co-caster, it’s always nice to have someone to fool around with. In real life I’m in the final stages of the Research Master in Philosophy of Mind (currently studying at the University of Edinburgh, but back in time for the finals), and I received my MSc in Organizational Design & Development last year. I also enjoy cycling, tapdancing and the occasional game of StarCraft :).

– Draco
I’m Matthijs, but online I go by the name of Draco cause nobody but us Dutchies can actually pronounce my name without completely mangling it. I only really got into SC and eSports with SC2, but I really love the game and the great community, though I myself only recently got back to a platinum level as a player. But casting and providing content about SC2 is really a lot of great fun and it would be a dream come true if I could go into it full time.
At the moment I’m still at the crossroads of my life trying to figure out what with I’ll try to pay my home-sized permanent LAN-party with, but once I figure that one out it’ll be ballin’ :).

– RmF
Hi there, my RL name is Ricardo Marcellino, however everyone just calls me Ricardo or Rico and I’m 25 years old. Aside casting the NSSL, I play terran, atm in plat league, used to be in diamond, but I tend to drop rating a lot since I like to experiment with different tacts^^. Sc2 is the first RTS I ever played online, and I have been in love with this wonderful envolving game since the release. I always have been a big computer-game nerd, but whenever I’m not nerding, I like to go out, cook, and I sport a lot. After I finished high school, I served 4 years in the army, did cooking school after that, I’m starting a HBO Gym teacher education next year…..YEAP! I couldn’t join the tournament, wich is also the reason I’m trying to support it the best I can with the limited time I have. Although I stutter sometimes while casting (as you’ve prolly noticed) I really enjoy it and I’m trying to make the best of this first time experience!

I’m Guus, but you know me as Gropah. I’m a student at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG) where I just started to study Computer Science. Besides being an active student and active member of my student society, I love to play games. You know I cast games, but I play StarCraft 2 as well. I also organize some irregular tournaments for the community of, just for the fun of it. Next to all of this, I also like to stream my games, whether it is StarCraft 2, League of Legends or Battlefield 3. I stream at Please check it out, watch live or check the VOD section of my channel. I would really appreciate it!

– Dorn & Tessai
Also known less widely as ‘Floris & the Beast’ (check the casts, you’ll figure which is which), we are very glad that the NSSL is giving us this most singular opportunity to cast a few Starcraft 2 games. Though we play Terran and Protoss respectively, the number of times we actually play Starcraft 2 on the ladder is,…well, not so much. However, watching a lot of vods, streams and casts from for example the MLG or GSL, coupled with our experience and love for real time strategy games in general, gives us the cutting edge needed to offer a hopefully well rounded and interesting cast. Failing that, we can always be counted upon to distract the viewers from our lack of insight with fancy colorful ties. Besides our most glorious casting career, Tristan (Tessai) studies international game architecture and design (IGAD) in Breda, and Floris (Dorn) studies Multiculturalism in Utrecht.

– Juvator
My casting name is Juvator and that’s what I go by in practically every game. I’m 26 years old, Dutch and currently live in Arnhem. I’ve been a hardcore gamer since I was 10y old(if that’s even possible =)). I started playing Starcraft 2 during the beta, and enjoyed it a lot!, I played protoss in diamond league back then. After that I’ve played terran ’till Platinum league, so my knowledge of the hows and whats of the game are decent. I grabbed this opportunity with both hands to do some casting, which btw is also the first time I’ve tried it. I’m having a lot of fun doing these casts together with RmF and I’m glad I can be of help for this tournament. And i’m not gonna bore u with my profession and all that stuff =).