We’ll cast as many of the games from the tournament as possible, and post them on these pages. We hope you’re looking forward to enjoying the tournament!

If you feel like casting a few games yourself, send an e-mail to contact@nssl.nl.

Click here for matches from group stage A!

Click here for matches from group stage B!


Group Phase A

All best-of-three matches from the first group phase have been casted. That’s insane! To see matches from specific groups, click the appropriate link below. To see who produced these whopping 206 video’s, check the casters-page. Click here for matches from groups 1 – 4 Group 1: Andre, powerwaver, Tokryva, Neelix, Duke Group 2: Soul, DruidzPatjuh, …

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Group Phase B

All of the webcasts from group stage B will be posted on this page. Check back regularly for updates! Group 1: Thoms, DruidzPatjuh, kkDash, FsX Group 2: PoesMiAUW, Fububu, Duke, metic Group 3: Recoome, SHAM, sunZor, Markovian Group 4: Andre, Neretic, OfWelDan, musashi Group 5: VanCaspel, Night, Hippypower, Pentabram Group 6: Zoran, Bblack, iznobest, RindKind …

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