Group Phase B

All of the webcasts from group stage B will be posted on this page. Check back regularly for updates!

Group 1: Thoms, DruidzPatjuh, kkDash, FsX

DruidzPatjuh vs. FsX

DruidzPatjuh vs. kkDash

DruidzPatjuh vs. Thoms

kkDash vs. Thoms

kkDash vs. FsX

Thoms vs. FsX

Group 2: PoesMiAUW, Fububu, Duke, metic

PoesMiAUW vs. Fububu

PoesMiAUW vs. metic

Fububu vs. metic

Duke vs. metic

Duke vs. Fububu

Group 3: Recoome, SHAM, sunZor, Markovian

SHAM vs. Markovian

sunZor vs. Markovian

sunZor vs. Recoome

Markovian vs. Recoome

SHAM vs. Recoome

SHAM vs. sunZor

Group 4: Andre, Neretic, OfWelDan, musashi

Musashi vs. Andre

Neretic vs. Andre

Musashi vs. Neretic

Group 5: VanCaspel, Night, Hippypower, Pentabram

VanCaspel vs. Hippypower

Live cast by Draco:

Game 2
Game 3

Cast by RmF:

Game 2
Game 3

Pentabram vs. VanCaspel

Night vs. VanCaspel

Night vs. Pentabram

Hippypower vs. Pentabram

Hippypower vs. Night

Group 6: Zoran, Bblack, iznobest, RindKind

Zoran vs. iznobest

Bblack vs. iznobest

Rindkind vs. iznobest

Rindkind vs. Bblack

Zoran vs. Bblack

Group 7: Phanteks, Bahamuth, Dreavious, Soul

Phanteks vs. Soul

Dreavious vs. Soul

Phanteks vs. Bahamuth

Soul vs. Bahamuth

Dreavious vs. Bahamuth

Dreavious vs. Phanteks

Group 8: Hoodoo, Finkers, R.Ray, Olts

Finkers vs. Hoodoo

Finkers vs. Olts

Hoodoo vs. Olts