Dutch StarCraft League

The NSSL goes national in 2013: meet the Dutch StarCraft League! We’re still very much in de planning phase. If you want to help out in any way please join the discussion in the thread on Teamliquid, or send an e-mail to contact@nssl.nl. Help us create a solid platform where all Dutch citizens can compete!

Note: please be aware that the rest of this website is currently dedicated to the NSSL (tournament for students from the RU and HAN) – you cannot enroll in the DSCL yet.

Basics of the tournament:

– Open to all Dutch citizens
– A Team League for universities, hogescholen, companies, etc.
– Start of the tournament in January, finals near the end of April (no conflict with MLG & DreamHack)
– Large live event where RO8, RO4 and Finals will be played
– Celebrity casters at the event

What we need:

– Volunteers from all over the Netherlands to help spread the word about the tournament
– Sponsors
– Venue
– Casters to cast the games
– Content-writers for the website
– People for general promotion / contact with press
– Soundproof booths for the players (or equivalent – like earplugs)
– Stream-specialists to ensure lag-free streams

If you can and want to help in any way, send an e-mail to contact@nssl.nl!