Finals Event – June 7th

Ever been to a live StarCraft event? Here’s your chance! On June 7th 2012 the finals of the NSSL will be played & casted live in the ‘Collegezalencomplex’ of the Radboud University Nijmegen! We’ll have a large lecture hall filled to the brim with enthousiasm fueled e-sports fans, and you can be there. For free!

You will see the players battle it out right in front of you – make sure to cheer them on! Of course there will also be live play-by-play commentary of the games, and goodies from our sponsors! The event starts at 19:00h and ends at around 01:00h – and the ‘Cultuurcaf√©’ is nearby to provide you with the necessary enthousiasm-elixer :). We will also provide a live stream for those unable to come to Nijmegen that evening.

During the event we’ll also show the ‘pimpest-play’ compilation with cool plays from the NSSL, as well as present the awards for biggest comeback & tactical brilliance. Even the crowd can win, because there will be an award for best ‘cheerful’! And there will be a presentation from the Gaming Research team, who will share some of the results of the research that they’ve been able to do with help from the participants!

Cooler Master and Computerland have generously agreed to provide bad-ass gaming machines so that the finalists and commentators will have all the graphical power they need to give a stellar performance!

The basics:

  • Thursday June 7th
  • 19:00-00:00h
  • Lecture hall CC2 (see below for location)
  • Free entrance & open to all
  • Spread the word on Facebook!

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