Prizes & Awards

The NSSL is a prestigious tournament – with prestigious prizes to be won! The winner will earn the right to call himself Student StarCraft Champion of Nijmegen, and will receive a trophy to signify his accomplishment.

But there will be more than just honor on the line! The winner will also receive:

And the numbers 2 & 3 will receive:

The player finishing in fourth place will receive a season ticket – we won’t let anyone leave empty-handed from the finals!


But there’s more! It’s not just the best StarCraft players that will win prizes – there are three awards to be won!

– Tactical Brilliance Award

This very special award is for the player who shows the most creative tactical play of the tournament. The prize is very awesome indeed: a mouse pad signed by TLO! Please nominate plays by sending them to, anyone can be nominated, and the award will be presented at the finals on June 7th.

– Biggest Comeback Award

The player who makes the biggest and most awesome comeback during a tournament match will win the Biggest Comeback Award! He’ll get a nice certificate & a season ticket! Anyone can nominate a player, just tell us which comebacks you liked at

– Best Cheerful Award

This award is for the audience! During the finals we’ll present it to that member of the audience who has the best cheerful, and he or she will walk away with an awesome nerd-shirt! Let us know which shirt would be most suited at!