Photo’s from the finals!

It took me a while to post them (mea culpa), but here’s some awesome photo’s from the finals event! Thank you Hylke for making them. And thanks also to Job Fermie who posted his pictures of the event here – they’re all really cool!

Check this intense crowd :). Click the button to see loads more!

Setting up the network:

The bad-ass PC’s from Cooler Master for the finalists:

The cases were CM Storm Troopers – Cooler Master’s Gaming brand:

Puttin’ up a poster :):

Seats awaiting the audience:

Casters arriving:

Posing like Day[9]:

Posing like Day[9] x 2:

Posing like … Frank & Albert:

Can you hear me?

The trophy for the winner:

CM Storm headsets for the casters:

Things are running smoothly during prep-work:

Stream going live:

De-clutching the bejangulators:

Setting up the opening presentation – the evening is starting:

Getting ready for the first game – exitement in the air!

But first: a presentation by Adam Lobel on gaming research.

The room is filling up nicely, it would get even busier while the night went on:

Bblack & iznobest getting ready for their match:

What does this button do? Richard & Thom checking out the stream commentary:

Rannasha (l) and Draco (r) getting ready to cast Bblack vs. iznobest:

The crowd watches…

Did you see THAT? 🙂

Cheefuls galore! Tienermoeder says 3srrrrrrrrrr – Roaches anyone?

iznobest brought some fans with a modest fansign 🙂

Castin’ them games!

I was interviewed by Campus in Beeld, check out the broadcast here.

The audience knows the advantages of having the Cultuurcafé nearby 🙂

Albert & Weiman casting the 3rd place match:

Frank & Weiman casting the finals between iznobest & Fububu:

The players showing their magic:

Saying goodbye to the people on stream after the event – the evening is done!